Dora Vanda Demcsak



I graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as sculptor in 2014. My works are based on figuralism, dynamism and experimentations. I have found the horse as my main symbol instinctively, which is very important for me in personal and artistic aspect as well.

I use it as a kind of self-portrait in my works, what  are full of elan, vivacity, tension, and vital energy.

Usually the materia of my sculptures,  is some kind of metal   – bronze, aluminium or iron. I create them by creasing or melting.

The main, common element is the formal concept which follows  the precept of creasing of metal plate, because this method, this gesture  – the deformation which creates space from  plate  – is very interesting, creative and inspiring for me.





2008- 2014  Hungarian University of Fine Arts

2006-2008  Hubay Jenő Basic Art School

2004-2008  Teleki Blanka Grammar School





2017 Ösztön-ős group exhibition, Latarka Gallery, Budapest

2016 „just playing” exhibition with Budapest Fashion Week, Italian Cultural Institute

2016 XIIISteel Sculptural Symposion finissage, Kecskemét

2015 ArtMarket 2015, Budapest

2015 XII. Steel Sculptural Symposion finissage, Kecskemét

2014 Evidencia III. Biennial of Sculptors, Szentendre

2014 „Minden ami ló” group exhibition, Csobánka

2014 „Múzsák a lövészárokban” group exhibition, 
Stefánia Palota, Budapest

2013 „EXIT” group exhibition, Macerata

2013 Group exhibition, Sant’Ippolito

2013 „Szobraim” individual exhibition,

Ökollégium Art Galéria, Budapest

2013 „Mi kutyánk Kölyke” group exhibition, Budapest

2012 Individual exhibition, Békásmegyer

2012 First individual exhibition, Budakalász

2011 Group exhibition,

Medgyessy Ferenc Elementary School, Békásmegyer

2011 Works of the II. Art Competition of OTP Fáy András Foundation, MNG, Budapest

2011 XVIII. National Medal-biennial, Sopron

2009 „Ötven éves a szakkör”  group exhibition, Békásmegyer

2008 exhibitions of the end of semesters, MKE, Budapest




Public Art

Relief of Dr. Kovács Ferenc, Budapest

Relief of Dr. Romics László, SOTE, Budapest

Relief of Bosnyák János, Corvinus University, Budapest

Relief of Wagner, Hotel Marriott, Budapest



Competitions, Scolarships

Erasmus (Italy) 2013

SOTE „Nagyjaink bronzban” relief competition 2012

SOTE „Nagyjaink bronzban” relief competition 2011

OTP Fáy András Foundation - II. Art competition 2011





2016 Symposion of Sümeg, Sümeg


2016 XIII. Steel Sculptural Symposion, Kecskemét

2015 Symposion of Morocco, Marrakesh

2015 XII. Steel Sculptural Symposion, Kecskemét

2008-2014 Symposion of Tihany, Tihany



My Masters

Zoltán Karmó

Franko B

Géza Sallai

Gábor Szabó